Hello Riot, I'm an abusive player.

And how you're handling the _punishment system_ is utter garbage, it's a joke that it's gone on this long and it's joke that you're still handing out chat restrictions which do not hinder abusive players, but the team that they're on - you're making it harder to win games with players that are chat restricted. First of Riot Lyte is an idiot, and I'm saying that as nicely as possible, because knowing him, he'll see this and instantly ban me for being _toxic_, which is laughable. "_In the last season of Leagues play, we excluded some of the Ranked Rewards from players that were excessively toxic (so, exhibited severe offensive behaviors such as racism and sexism) or were persistently toxic (so, exhibited moderately offensive behaviors in a large number of games). We're going to continue this policy this year_." said Riot Lyte on last.fm You cannot take away rewards because they're abusive, you're going to anger a lot of people, a lot of loyal players who don't care about people who waste 40 minutes trolling, because the system that you have in place is useless and bans people who swear a little and ignores the trollers or those that are smart enough to bypass the filter and thus not get hit by your garbage system. People are toxic or the better term abusive because you allow people to be, threatening to take away a toy from a child makes said child more angry and aggravated. "_One, we always want to encourage reform, and celebrate players that successfully reform by the end of the season. So, players that got a Chat or Ranked Restriction during the season, but manage to reform and DO NOT HAVE active Chat or Ranked Restrictions by the season end cutoff will still get their Ranked Rewards. Players that still have active Chat or Ranked Restrictions by the season end cutoff will not be eligible_." Lyte said afterwards. If you want to celebrate reform then implement a better system that allows reform, or maybe a system that is player based and not automated? The Tribunal was actually decent, despite the fact I was banned from it on multiple accounts, each account permed. "Players that still have active Chat or Ranked Restrictions by the season end cutoff will not be eligible" This is stupid as hell and you deserve to be fired for this asinine bit on the post, your stupid system handed out 1k+ chat restrictions. Then straight after will give you another 400 if you so help me get reported once - it doesn't even need to be heavily offensives, just swearing enough will get you heavily chat restricted. "_Three, players that have received escalated bans (so 7-day or 14-day bans) for excessive toxicity at any point during the 2015 Season will not receive Ranked Rewards. Players that have received these types of bans have shown some of the most egregious behaviors in the game, and we have a zero tolerance policy against things like racism, sexism, homophobia and other kinds of hate speech. These players WILL be eligible for Ranked Rewards in future seasons if they reform and are not flagged for excessive behaviors in future seasons_." Riot Lyte said finally. And this is where the line of absurdity is drawn, if players work for their rank then you cannot deny them the rewards, the fault lays with you, Riot, it's not my fault that your system is garbage, it's not my fault that back to back chat restrictions were implemented thus pissing off a vast majority of casual players and it's not my fault that you have no idea how to stop people from being abusive in your game. You ban these people for 14 days and they will make a smurf and do it all over again, threatening to take away rewards isn't going to make them stop and start being nice, you need to offer an incentive for being nice and the current system for it is worse than your automated banning system. All you get now is a trash banner that vanished if people stop honouring you, what a joke. Good players should get rewards, bad players should lose rewards. IE: You haven't had a valid report against you for two weeks, have a few 100IP, because you won't give RP or skins, IP is all we have to deal with. The point is, focus on making players be nice and work for rewards, instead of focusing on the bad, because it's human nature to not care about anyone unless you gain something from it. Do you really think if I hurt someones feelings by swearing? Turn on the filter if it offends you so much, really if you have the chat filter on you shouldn't be able to report people for verbal abuse and offensive language, that's hypoctitical. In my opinion, the community got more abusive when Riot Lyte took over, lmfao.
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