Oce pro scene is a joke, Only Corki the God wise words

Got destroyed in wild card, couldn't even make semis, came 5th out of 8, and japan was basically trolling, so I'd say 5th out of 7. Also if you believe Oce pro teams are even going to be a thing just take a look at SEA, they WON season 2 WORLDS and are now a wild card team LOL, and their SECOND PLACED TEAM Bangkok Titans played instead of their one that won cause of visa issues, and yet they still went 6 wins 1 loss in the tournament, I'm not sure how they got 3-0'd in the semis by the 4th ranked team considering they hadn't lost to them but they did, regardless my point, oce is doomed, forever. Turkey and Brazil are clearly better than us, and look how long Brazil has been trying to get taken seriously... huehuehue. And btw, the only reason Oce pro scene get a salary pay in this shtty OPL that no one watched is because Riot knows that having a pro scene in oce will draw a lot more people to their game and the small salary they pay these pros (it's probably near nothing) is all made back in profit from the people addicted to the idea of becoming pro. (They just use the pro scene as advertising for their game, instead of paying for ad's they pay some kids to play at 'pro' level and it has a better affect then in your face shameless advertising since it makes people think Good Guy Riot supporting pro scene. ~Sincerely Only Corki the God

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