One more rant before bed.

Leagues ranked system is not good to put it bluntly. All ideals about what rank i am aside, I am a competitive player in many games, csgo, wow rated 2v2 and 3v3 arenas, etc etc. ive experienced quite a large number of GOOD ranking systems. And league is not one of them. Now before you chalk this off as another one of my rants here me out. We all use the term "Climb" when referring to elo, this is not the case as leagues mmr system is geared to have a downward trend, and this is on purpose ill get to that in a second. What we should actually use if we wanted to be accurate is, "Swim through a riptide up the elo" Why is this? Well the evidence is right in front of you, there is a myriad of systems designed to stop you from climbing, Clamping, The lp system in general, LP Decay etc etc. How many systems exist to help you climb? one, and that system assumes you are capable of beating all the other systems to reach your promos, and thats promos helper. So why would riot do this? Simple. Carrot and a stick. If every player who truly deserved a higher elo could just win their way their off pure skill then people would stop playing. There would be no motivation to keep grinding out those games to get those precious few lp. Which brings me to my next point, the LP system is a very shitty system, its only purpose for existing is to again create a carrot on a stick scenario, in this case by hiding your mmr so instead of getting a clear definer of "You are here" you get a "you are somewhere around here who knows spin the wheel" this causes you to go "well i feel like i shouldnt be here lets keep grinding" Basically what im saying here is, dont think the lp system is fair, its not designed to be, and itd be bad for business if it was.
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