Seeking a mathematician.

Seeking a mathematician _(or tbh just anyone better than I)_, to solve a problem. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I need to know the most efficient way to earn arcade tokens in the latest grind. The way I see it is, I need at very least 2200 tokens. The reason being; because you can be guaranteed they'll bring out one of their 'prestige' skins for Sol/Azir/Taliyah etc if I can't afford it. However If I have the tokens sitting there in the bank ready for it, you can be 100% sure that Sol/Kindred/Swain etc. will never get one, and I won't have to ever worry about it ^^ Either way I need the tokens for safety. But, my year 9 level knowledge of maths deduces that I need on average about 65 tokens a day to reach that goal _(taking into account the 200 you buy with the pass)_. The main issue with this being that I don't have time to lose 11 games every single day, nor do I have time (or luck/skill) to win 6 or so 45 minute games in a row either. In the last 2 or so grinds I've played league pretty much every available moment Ive had, and fallen short of the goal each time. So clearly just playing isn't good enough. So, the question is, doing what in what game-mode will give me the most efficient average token income? Do I play normal 5s and pray I get lucky with short games and many wins? Do I play only ARAM? Do I play TFT trying to win? Do I play with a team of 5 premades in normals and just surrender at 15 every game for a month? _(although there are practical issues with this one, such as)._ Do I play TFT, then take all my guys off the board at 10 minutes and claim my 3 tokens? The rule is: I'm not going to be a dick. Me being fed up with grinds shouldn't have to negatively affect anyone else. I'm not going to intentionally dive-bomb a game that others on my team might be enjoying _(TFT is an exception because doing that doesn't annoy anyone)_. Numbers aren't really my strong suit, so if someone is kind enough to figure out the most efficient way to get tokens, I would be appreciative ^^ _(please show your working)_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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