Hello there Summoner's and Rioter's. I'd like to ask a simple question as to why we (the players) can not gift other people (our friends) Chroma's seeing as it is not a considered a "Bundle" such as the 'World's 2018 championship ticket'. I'd also like to know if Riot Games will ever design a feature that allows players to transfer the players own RP for others rather than having to purchase a seperate RP card for the other party. As one may not have the money to do so, but the RP available to transfer. Example: If i purchased a $25 RP Gift card for myself. Which roughly amounts to 2700 ish RP. Then i proceed use 1700 which then leaves me with 1000RP. I am able to gift to the other player the 1000RP which i hold as a gift rather than purchasing another RP card such as a $10 RP card as a gift. Thank you to anyone that discovers this message on the boards and took their time reading it.
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