Vegans pls

So a vegan (I assume vegan) friend of mine sends me an "Animal Rights" video, exposing how cruel Humans are to pigs that we slaughter for meat, the video claims people say the most humane way to kill pigs is to gas them in a chamber, before hanging them up and bleeding them out. The pigs cry out in pain, they explain it would feel like their insides burning up for the minutes they have to live before they die to the gas. I asked my friend how would she suggest we kill the pigs for meat, my friend thinks we shouldn't kill them to begin with. So i'm like aite fair enough, I've seen my fair share of disturbing videos and I cant think of a more humane way to kill pigs other than a bullet to the brain, (which i assume there's reasons they don't do that) So after I offend my friend by explaining pigs are our food and it doesn't matter how we kill them, with the argument all meat eating animals kill & eat their prey alive & or kill them in a much more disturbing painful way, my friend doesn't want to discuss the topic any further. So i accept that, I then reopen the tab of which i watched the video she sent me and the next video suggested is "5 least painful ways to kys.) Why would it suggest that video? Would it mean many people who have watched this animal rights video would also look at that video? : o Making me wonder... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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