A nice way to get Hextech Chests faster (a very mediocre tip, in no way revolutionary)

So this tip is for those people who are looking to get more Hextech chests faster and it's just something I noticed was pretty neat. Basically, just play ARAMs. In a sense, if you're lucky you might get a random champion that'll naturally give you an S rather than being on Summoners Rift and working with a champion for an S. I am in no way boasting but I have gotten S's on champions like Kalista, Orianna and Malphite, all who if played correctly can easily give you an easy S on ARAM. The thing is, is that it is random, but if you're struggling to gain an S grade on a lot of champions you're using, might as well go take ARAM a swing. I sometimes still do this mainly due to the fact that most of the champions I'm actually any good at I already have Hextech chests so if you still have a bunch of random champions you hardly use and have little to no motivation to try get an S with them on Summoner's Rift, playing ARAM can be a fun experience as well as a way to get chests if lucky. After all, ARAMs do last shorter than an average 45min game so I guess you 'play more full games' of ARAM than Summoner's Rift. So ultimately, unfortunately it is still due to luck as opposed to Summoner's Rift being skill, but I still think it's a fun way to get chests. But the biggest downside is, is the fact that you'll still need to earn those keys. So I guess, play away guys! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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