Promo's are 100% Nothing but Troll

I've said it before and I'll say it agin, promos are complete and utter BS where you are paired with the lowest of low scum that plays this game. EVERY promo games I reach there is at least one person who is either intent feeding, a straight up ass wipe who flames the entire team, people griefing one another from previous games, an AFK or someone who is clearly NOT at the skill level of team mates (checking their account shows in majority of their games they get carried super hard). It's not possible that it's just pure co-incidence that this seems to happen as soon as you reach the promo games. Not the amount of times in a row it's happened to myself. I'm actually thinking of starting some sort of log with game stats to prove that promo games are heavily weighted against you and you are intentionally paired with garbage toxic players.

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