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Just wanted to have a fun little rant today...see if anyone has an opinion or maybe a rioter could enlighten me a tad. I love how playing flex with friends means playing with Silvers and Golds VS Diamond and Challenger players. This seems to happen waaaay too often. Like seriously...why? Balancing? Checking links postgame just proves it. Is something wrong with matchmaking. A lot of the time I play with my brother. He is new to the game and currently low silver/high bronze rank. He likes to play mid...but in Flex...he plays against Diamond and high Plat players over and over...what the heck. Norms I play vs Silvers and Golds Solo/Duo is vs Silver to Plat FLEX?? why are there games with one or more diamond players...and today was Challenger...what is happening? Yes I checked if their flex ranks were the same as mine...but they aren''s opponent was challenger for flex queue as well. Challenger solo/duo and challenger flex a silver game...balanced? Good luck on the rift guys

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