Instalockers and you

When you call a lane, and someone else calls after you, and then they realise they lost the call and instalock that position, they are horrible people, the lowest of the low. BUT if you still go that position anyway just to spite them, its YOU who ruined the game, and are worse than horrible. The instalocker ruins the game for you, but if you go that position as well, you ruin it for yourself and 3 others too. PS. The instalock button has no use anyway, literally its only use is that you can start the game 20 seconds earlier and only if EVERYONE on both teams do it and that never happens, (pretty sure the last time that happened for me was a year and a half ago) So ask yourself RIOT, is that 20 seconds every year and a half, really worth the rage and idiocy that happens every 3rd game or so?
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