What the ranked requirements should be

My proposal for a new ranked system (some older OCE Forumers will recognise this, I’ve mentioned the whole thing before and I feel like doing so again) ______ So, first of all, this has nothing to do with climbing the ladder to Diamond and whatnot, this is got to do with solving the ‘sht’ that’s been occurring in low elo. Lets start off with, what are the requirements to play ranked? This one is typically overseen but it’s quite low actually. You just have to be Lvl30. That’s a problem. _______ So, to enter a competitive scene, you don’t have to be good, you just have to level up by playing long enough, it doesn’t matter if you lost 300 games to reach Lvl30 and not a single win, you can still play ranked but damn will your teammates hate you for feeding. The second problem with the ‘ranked requirements’ is that it’s not ‘skill based’. You can reach Lvl30 by buying with money, XP boosts and this is why you see some people in Bronze V with only 50 or so normal wins. God knows how many losses that mofo has. So, my main problem with people who generally suck in low elo dragging other better players down purely because they suck so much. Legit, I don’t play ranked often at all, but I KNOW that there are people who actually drag your team down not because they’re trolling or whatnot, it’s actually because they generally aren’t skilled enough. What kinds of people drag “normal” skilled people down to low elo? Anything that can lose a game, and that’s generally trolls, AFKers and players who generally suck. So how do we fix this? Well I propose a different cap on being able to play ranked. I say that instead of making it Lvl30; instead of making it based on level which can be bought, I say we make it based on how many successful games a player has which isn’t purchasable and purely on skill, for example, 200 normal wins at least. ___________ So there are three scenarios for the 3 different people (well, 4 including the normal player). 1 - Those who generally suck. Welp, you start playing and unfortunately you’re just not that good at the game. But that’s fine, because (I think) theres no way for others to see how many losses you have, so that’s not a problem (other than the ending screen of a game which then just cover it up or something) but if your win loss ratio is only lets say, 1:2 (you win 1 game per 2 losses), you can play lets say 200 or so games to reach Lvl30, but you’re not that good because you only have 1/3 of them as wins, which isn’t enough. So that prevents this guy who actually sucks from playing ranked. The only way he can play ranked is that he has to experience how to be good enough to WIN 200 games which may be 600 games but that’s fine, because he has 200 normal wins, he knows how to win and play normally, therefore he can enter ranked queues fine. 2 - Trolls Why would you…I mean you still need to win 200 games at least so you can enter ranked to troll. So again, you still know how to play seriously for a few hundred games so you can enter ranked. You have played 200 wins. You know how to win. You wanna troll in ranked then that’s your decision. Teammate reports will cover that problem. 3 - AFKs LeaverBuster 4 - Normal Player No problem, 200 normal wins should be fine if you have a 50% win rate or so. It’s not too hard, we reach around 130~150 normal wins at Lvl30 anyway. Not gonna be a problem. Just to add the 5th type - Smurfs Well, you should be good enough to win yourself 200 games easily. _____ So this new ‘requirement’ for ranked solves the biggest problem, people who generally suck and buy XP boosts thinking they’re good enough for ranked. This new requirement actually requires some degree of skill from the player before they enter ranked. I think this is tons better than just ‘Lvl30 you can play ranked’. People don’t realise, when you reach Lvl30, you’re not ready for the competitive scene, it just means that you know this game. You’re not necessarily good or bad, you just know it. To git gud is another story, and that story should take you to around the 200 normal wins cap to enter the competitive scene. __________ Or Riot can just make levelling up harder but hey that’s just discouraging for smurfs and new players alike… ___________________ So what do you guys reckon?

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