Reasons why League of legends is trash

1. when somebody tells you to kill yourself and wishes your whole family to be put in the grave, they only get a chat restriction, but when you defend yourself, you immediately get banned and lose your account. 2. Riot doesn't see champions who are too buffed (yi, diana, fizz, brand, etc) because to them, it probably seems like they are "balanced" whereas when you are playing a game against a yi who has 0/7 and they reach a full crit build, they end up winning the game with 25/10 and almost all the time are able to win in a 5v1 3. Whenever a new champion comes out all op and trendy, after a week or so, riot decides to GUT them and I mean like, actually deem them useless. Recently, when Neeko was released, she was really well balanced, her ultimate had a higher CD and slightly less damage depending on your build, now she is just a champion that no one knows how to play or what role to go. 4. Lets talk about the items, Riot changes the items because they think it is whats making champions strong, if you don't want strong champions, change the champions not the items because when one champion needs that item because it is an essential core item and it has been nerfed, then their stats will be affected 5. Riot is making copies of the same ultimates but with small editions (darius ult = pyke ult, nunu ult = neeko ult, etc) I didn't ask for the same copies of other abilities, diversity matters Riot, thats what makes the game fun, not similarities I've got more if you want :) (let me know what other things make league trash) NOTE: New players, uninstall league of legends, there are way better games than this trash.

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