Playing League exposes you to radiation?

Ok, this might be one of the most craziest and off-topic posts I've made. But recently I've gotten aware of the radiation emitted by computers, personally I'm using a laptop, and lets get straight to the point; resting your hands on your keyboard during a game of league, (specifically on laptop, as you need to press QWER), could possibly expose you to higher amounts of radiation that's underneath the keyboard? I'm talking about laptops by the way, for desktops I'm not too sure. But with laptops the electromagnetic fields are directly underneath, therefore is it a bad idea to basically rest my hands on the keyboard for the length of a LoL game? Which is usually around 20-60 minutes - ( a pretty long amount of time). As a somewhat daily player of League, I'm worried that the game is continually exposing me to low amounts of radiation, plus the heat from underneath the keyboard, which in-turn might affect me in some sort of way? Or am I getting too paranoid about this? If someone else responds I'll give sources to where my, erm, "paranoia" - (more like curiosity I suppose), blooms. TL;DR; Will resting my hands on my **laptop** for a prolonged amount of time affect me in any way? Thanks for reading,
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