Spark (Telecom) NZ - How is the Internet for anyone else?

So recently, I can't really say when because I don't know, but I'd say from around dec~jan (?) I started to get lag spikes in-game from around 4pm ish onwards. I'm writing this at 11.40pm and I just tested in a custom game and I still consistently get ping that goes from 60 all the way up to 300+ then back down, then up and down up and down... I don't know how late into the night this goes until because I haven't stayed up this late to test it before. But by the time ranked is back up in the morning at 10am the ping is at a stable 51ms again (until 4pm ish then this repeats). I am on Spark (Telecom) in Auckland, New Zealand. Anyone else on Spark or from Auckland/NZ get this too? Anyone know what's going on? PS. I looked at the ping for another game with servers based in Australia on steam, and the ping for that game seems to be fine, at around 50~100ms. So maybe it could be just the League OCE servers? PPS. Okay so I just went on to GW2 to see what the ping is like there and it too seems to have quite a high latency. I'm beginning to think it really is my Internet/Spark that's screwing up here. I will give them a call tomorrow. In the mean time, anyone have any clues on what's happening????
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