IP, Runes ant the games current state

I think there needs to be a slight change to keep people more interested in the game, Starting off in League it's way too slow and tedious, I don't think it's dying the community I just think it needs a face lift, It's really hard to get new champs you want to try out and it takes a lot of games to get a 6300 IP champ and its really annoying with runes as well, it costs way too much, I honestly believe granting more IP even just by a bit will help lighten the salt in the community, the grind will be a little less harder and people can enjoy the game more because they get to try out new stuff and in the end it's a win for both sides, Riot will get more playing and trying out new stuff and that will most likely mean more skin sales, It's entertainment at its finest! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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