So ive been experimenting this season and quite frankly this isnt very shocking.

Randomly started losing games despite playing to the same level of play i had been since the start of this season (the same level of play which has resulted in me having a 62% overall winrate over about 55 games) so i decided to go over the games where i lost but felt like i played good and noticed a pattern, literally every single last game had atleast one person with a sub 40% winrate, im talking winrates like 22% etc etc. So i started screening my teams before every game and dodging the sub 40% winrates, proceeded to win 7 games in a row, went back to not screening and id lose a couple games win a couple games then lose a couple again, went back to screening boom another 6 wins in a row. What i basically figured out is that if i literally screen out trash that somehow got boosted to bronze, i win literally every game. So now that im just going to dodge all the shitters i expect my winrate to go from 62% to around 70-80%, or in otherwords about equal to my main champion winrates.
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