Thank you and farewell

Hi Summoners, I’m writing to you today to say “thank you and farewell” as I've recently left Riot Games. The last 3 and a half years have been amazing. I would have never imagined all of this was possible when I hosted my first tournament in Auckland, NZ way back before we even had Oceania servers. It's been filled with fun times, great people, rewarding work and a solid dose of League of Legends. It’s been an honour to work with all the Rioters and amazing players in our community. Thank you University club leaders and community leaders ,shout out to [Summoners Society](, for taking on the work and responsibility that comes with running a community. Throughout the years you have created amazing League of Legends experiences for your members like huge worlds viewing parties, weekly social leagues, regular online tournaments and offline events. I hope you will continue to work together to create amazing experiences that bring League of Legends players together. Thank you artists, cosplayers, writers and other creators out there for being a part of this community. Your amazing creations show the world class talent we have here in Oceania and have helped bring League of Legends to life in many mediums throughout the years. I hope you will continue to improve your craft and produce epic League of Legends creations. Thank you to the amazing boards volunteers. You have helped a lot of players out by answering their questions about the game, player behaviour systems and even walking people through tech support issues. You have helped generate discussion and moderate posts on the boards. But not only have you made the boards a better place for discussion and help, you have even helped us make it look better and ran contests of your own! I hope you can continue to grow and be a part of this amazing community. I'll still be playing and around in the community so feel free to reach out, always happy to chat and help out. You can find me in the [Summoners Society ]( group or through the below channels =D []( Discord: Maraudaur#4751 See you on the Fields of Justice.
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