Riot OCE Update and Q&A

**TL:DR We want to update you on what we have worked so far and what we are working on. This update may not cover everything so if you feel we should cover a specific topic, let us know.** Summoners, we are halfway through the year and seems like a good time to stop for a second and reflect on what have we done in the first half of 2015 and what more we need to do to make sure we live up to your expectations. When discussing internally about things we could improve, among the several areas of work there was one which we believe is the key to succeed in our mission: better communication with our OCE players. We provided updates in the past but we want to try something now and introduce the “_**tell us what you want to be updated on**_” Below you will find updates from some of the Rioters in the Sydney office. These are information we think may interest you but hey, we may be wrong. If there is something you feel we should give an update on (e.i. WTF is the OCE skin just to name one), please post it below. The upvote / downvote system will do the rest and if a topic is popular enough, we might create a sticky post like Stupendous did for [Ocean Week Reef]( The idea behind _stickying _the most popular questions is that at any given point you should find updated information on the sticky so if you, a friend or a random OCE player asks “Hey Rito, what’s going on with the Ocean Week statue” we can always point him/her to that post. To set some expectations: there are some topics we, from the Sydney office, are better equipped to answer (like local events, community, esport, connectivity…) and some other we are not (champion design, game balance, game features). We will do our best to reply to both but we may need the help from other Rioters in Santa Monica and this may take more time. Here the topics you will find in this update: - [Talent]( - [Service Availability]( - [Community]( - [Events]( - [Competitive]( - [Player Behavior]( Thanks for your attention and looking forward to some tough questions :) MasterMirkinen
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