I posted on this board, on **November 26th 2014**, asking riot about their ranked 3's, why it was up and if it was going to continue and i was given this response by a riot member. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey xXxRENEGADEZ, yes it was an incident. We are still investigating the reason but my first guess it was due to us trying to update the script that define what time queues go up and down. In fact, due to the growing popularity of teambuilder, we decided to keep it up at the same time we have SR ranked up (every day from 8am till 4am(+1)) As for 3's ranked, we are still not in a good place with Twisted Treeline queue health to be able to have ranked on. Hope this helps." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason this topic has become valid again, is due to **ranked 3's being available for over 10 hours on December 4th - 5th**. There are a vast number of people, myself included, who have thoroughly enjoyed having ranked 3's available for this second, and longer time frame. The amount of messages I have had from people wishing ranked 3's be added as a permanent queue is astounding. Here are a few suggestions for ranked 3's queue addition, from myself and at least a handful of other players i have talked to over the course of the night regarding ranked 3'. 1. Make ranked 3's a permanent fixture in OCE League of Legends without changing any other game mode/s. 2. Make ranked 3's a permanent fixture in OCE League of Legends, while removing team builder game mode to allow for a more even distribution of players across game mode/s. 3. Make ranked 3's available on a set day/s per week, similar to how NON-ranked 3's has been setup in the past. Teambuilder only had it's popularity spike because of the new map update, which has since been rolled out across all map types, no doubt reducing the inflated popularity back to it's original, low position. I understand there are various game modes that people are requesting, but shouldn't the RANKED modes be a staple, a necessity over something like teambuilder which, lets be honest is just another normal match. I hope this message doesn't come across as a rant, because it's not, it's more of a request and call to action for riot to cater to it's Ranked 3's demographic (which would no doubt rise, with the inclusion of at the very least, a once weekly ranked 3's queue). Give ranked 3's a real shot at** life** riot.
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