Supports roles losing relevance

We all know now with the updates over the past 6-8 months that riot is trying to speed up games and make the damage and ability power dominant champions stronger. But what about the supports and or tanks? Now that more damage is being dealt everyone is dying more. Obviously the supports and tanks are going to cop it the most because it is their job. It was hard enough in competitive games for supports and or tanks to get good scores and rewards before all these updates but now it is becoming less and less possible. It is common sense that for a tank or support to setup plays and or bait enemies in they have to put themselves at risk. If you take into account the amount of times that risk does not pay off and you get caught out the odds are not in you're favor whether you are experienced and confident in you're role or not. This is the point I'm trying to make. More risk and less reward. I really don't like where this is leading league of legends because the fun really is coming out of the game. So much less skill based and more masteries, runes and item based. Maybe I am just ranting and over thinking this, but I do think irregardless there should be some sought of system for tanks and or supports that rewards them based on something other than K/D/A. A player can have a terrible k/d/a and still have been the most relevant player in the game. More than likely they are going to be a support or tank. Examples could be: Hitting a high percentage of hooks or skill shots to setup plays. Consistently taking less damage in team fights or dying less than the other players/team. Consistently taking the most damage in team fights and or surviving particularly if you're tank. Saving other players lives even if you sacrificed you're own. Stealing enemy buffs particularly the epic monsters. Like in team fights over the dragon or baron and you smite steal or ability steal it, and so on Whether these and or others are possible implementations that can be added into the system to make a more detailed rating for all situations or not, the point is I feel like it can be revised and more things added to make all roles equally relevant and rewarded as per the job detail is required. Please support my theory and or make you're own suggestions. As a support and tank main maybe I am biased but I can only hope there are more of you out there that feel the same.

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