Communication VS Multiculturalism - Why our "English speaking server" isn't that simple...

It's the situation we've all been in. During the game, you begin to talk strategy, or try and gossip about the newest Stranger Things episode, and you're presented with a communication error, as multiple languages present themselves in the chat. English, Mandarin, Filipino, Indian, Riven main, the average player can't be expected to know all of these languages just to play a game. Most servers have official languages. Korean server is korean, Japanese server is Japanese, Latin American is Spanish, North America is 'Murican, so on and so forth. Players are expected to communicate in said language to ensure that optimal teamwork is achieved. However, Oceania is a server that hasn't got an official language currently. But why? Let's take a look at the circumstances surrounding OCE. Firstly, we're a nation that doesn't have an official language. The defacto official language is "Australian English", however this is in a relatively unofficial way. Over 18% of Australian citizens are non english speakers according to the WorldAtlas, with the largest language besides English being Mandarin, spoken by over 300,000 people. Purely by our multiculturalism, we're at a severe disadvantage for our viable communication methods. But Riot Games Oceania can make the decision, I hear you say. They can make an official statement that this is an english server and begin encouraging communication through one unified language. However, this would cause more issues for Riot than it could solve. There's an ethical and moral dilemma known as the "Trolley Problem", where two train tracks exist, four people tied to one, and one person tied to the other. You can save the lives of 4 people by swapping tracks, but then you'd be directly responsible for one person's death. Riot finds themselves in a similar situation, but instead of Death, they face potential community backlash. By leaving things as they are, a number of players will be inconvenienced, and that's the way it is. However, by acting, a number of players will be inconvenienced, and that'll be due to Riot's decision on the matter. The experience and community teams are monitoring the numbers, and when a decision can be reached without causing a large backlash, they will make changes, but for now, we're going to try and be as understanding as possible, and do our best to communicate using pings, and emotes.
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