Seriously, Riots banning system has to change or i'm quitting this game

I recently played a game where I got jungle and I lock in rek'sai with smite. It isn't until we are loading in that i realise that the player who got adc has locked in shaco with ignite and smite. I don't think too much of it and assume that he's gonna try some weird funneling strat bot lane. I go to my first buff and my shaco waits until it is low enough and smites it, stealing it and basically fucking up my game from level 1. He then proceeds to follow me to every camp and steals as many camps as he can (which he can easily do on Shaco). The game is literally unplayable for me at this point so I threaten to leave the game, after which players on my team threaten to report me. They all side with the shaco and say I should stop complaining and play (which is impossible at this point as he is still stealing all the camps). The Teemo on my team begins telling the other team to report ME so I assume he's duo with the shaco (which I later found out hes not, makes no sense). The Shaco just says ??? ignoring anything anyone says to him. My anger is through the roof at this point so I begin saying some admittedly toxic things and leave the game. I wake up the next morning to see a 10 day chat restriction (never had any sort of restriction or ban before) with threats of getting a suspension. Meanwhile, I know this shaco will walk away scot-free without any sort of punishment for ruining my game. It angers me that riot would rather ban people for words, rather than trolls who will ruin an entire game, fucking people over and wasting their time. I know this game was normals, but I was already tilted and just wanted to have one proper game before I got off for the night. thank you
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