Matchmaking still broken after almost 10 years of release

yo ive come back and been playing again the last 2 years and ive never met such horrible matchmaking. its literally a gamble. but when the team im with goes 22/6 in 10 minutes thats just broken sorry but if it consists im quiting this game again. the game used to slowly improve your skills by matching you against from slightly harder opponents and what not but now its beyond a joke to the point ill get absolutely smashed on 6-10 games in a row then win one and again 10 loses. even new games on my phone do better matchmaking than a game thats had so much data collection and what not its just pathetic really. i wasn't mad at my team and we weren't mad that we lost we were mad at riot for being pathetic in fixing whats been an issue for longer than i can remember. and its sad that ive put so much money on this game to come to this conclusion. the gaming community is really fed up with it almost being 2020 and going backwards in development. we want to be moulded into better gamers not thrown in the deep end straight up. cheers. if anyone agrees please share your experiences with me so i dont feel like im going crazy because i dont rage i actually tend to try not type through the game as i believe it distracts you from the mistakes you yourself are making and these days its just toxic asf.{{champion:62}}
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