What is the point of Rank Tier/League...

Just a small question regarding the point of ranks (Bronze, SIlver, etc...) If we have a 'hidden MMR' that decides who you play against... what is the point of the LP system. I think I remember reading from Riot that its supposed to give people a sense of accomplishment when they get 'promoted'... but I would think most people would prefer an acknowledgement of their actual skill/ranking. But, now I'm a lowly Bronze 1 at present, but according to op.gg my MMR is around Silver 3/4 and I am climbing steadily thanks to {{champion:84}} ... Recent games have resulted in me being placed against high silvers and some low golds... I'm assuming this means that their MMR is lower than it 'should' be and we meet somewhere in the middle. This does beg the question of why do they have a higher displayable rank than me? Would it not be fairer and better for our MMR to be displayed in some fashion with the ranking directly tied to it? Ie. at 1200MMR we get 'Silver' status, and at 1400MMR we get Gold status.... etc. What was the problem with MMR being shown? (I wasn't playing the game when MMR was shown)
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