Let's Talk Dune Buggies

So the game seems pretty buggy atm right? Let's share the random shit LoL has given us over the last few days. I'll start: 1) Received a ward placed for mission 3 of first mission chain, after an ARAM game where there are no wards. 2) Queue for game. Get champ and set runes and summoners. Wait. No one dodges. "Sorry, we were unable to start your game" or some shit. Next game starts and completes, I get the same notification at post-game honour screen. WTF? 3) You introduce all these new features that just don't work!?!?! Cool skins tab in collection... it doesn't work! It reads 5 chromas for me, when I have about 20? WTF? This is just from a day, for one player. Think of all the random shit you've seen over the last few days, multiply that by the number of players. Fix LoL Rito, entire pre-season has been buggy as fuck on top of trash changes.
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