Funny Things From 'Year in Review'

Anyone else get some really funny stuff showing up? Like, I only play ARAM, so my stats are going to look way different than a Rift players. **Highlights:** The champ I killed most: Teemo (lmao, it's almost like that little rat has a target on his head). Best KDA: Janna, with 7.0 (I never played support when I played norms, but I <3 me some Janna in ARAM) Winrate: 75.9% with Singed, this was a big surprise to me, but I do what wins games, not what looks good on the stat sheet. 23000 snowballs later, the year is over, fun times. And wtf, 21.3 assists as an average? In a game mode that seldom lasts longer than 20 mins, wtf? What were your highlights?
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