The balance between Freedom and Security.

#Sesshy's Disclaimer Now, a lot of my posts and replies often come out a bit controversial, I usually play a bit of devils advocate, even in situations where I fully support the other side of the discussion. Also like many players unfortunately Im not exactly oozing positivity when it comes to the current state of the game. Thats my bad and I regret that, I don't mean to add negativity to the boards, or make anyone uncomfortable. So Im probably not everyone's favourite volunteer :S and I sincerely apologise if I rustle any feathers with this post, however I feel it is important to make a serious post like this at this time, considering the current vibe and theme of the boards. _______ #The Hot Topic The theme of course is the player behaviour system, and its impact on the game. The boards have been rife with talk about the apparent and drastic increase in severity that people have been feeling when it comes to the harshness of punishments. The community seems fairly split, taking different sides when it comes to the _"That offends me, stop it."_ and the _"Suck it up, it's the internet."_ discussion. We have had lots of posts, some heated, some not, many with very different viewpoints, and all with good points to make. But thus far I don't think we have talked about the underlying principle behind the whole topic, and what it actually means for the community and for league. So that is what I am wanting to talk about here. _______ #Security or Freedom This is essentially the subtext of the whole player behaviour conversation, and the point of this post. We all want to feel safe and secure, free from prejudice and criticism, and we all want the freedom to do what we want without restrictions. This is even more true on the internet, a world where we want to, _(and can)_ be pretty much whatever we want. Unfortunately the two are completely inverse of each other. Greater security comes at the loss of the freedom, and greater freedom comes at the loss of the imposed restrictions of greater security. **Quite simply, we can't have both.** You cant put a heavy roll cage on your car, AND make it faster. No matter what you say or how mildly you meant it, there will always be someone who takes offence to it. And there will always be people who enjoy the often witty and intelligent /All chat banter. By definition, you can't keep both parties happy. Either you sacrifice the security of the people who want to enjoy the game without critique, or you sacrifice the freedom of the players who want to engage in banter. It is a contradiction. The internet provides both freedom, and safety in its anonymity. But the two are opposites and will always clash. ___________ This all seems like straight-forward stuff you're probably thinking; why is Sessh spelling it out? Because I want to make sure it is clear to _(to both sides)_ what we are actually asking for when we make our posts. When you make your post saying _"You MUST report people for using gay as an insult!"_ you are infact arguing to forfeit your own _(and everyone else's)_ freedom of speech! and that applies not just to whatever word or phrase you take offence to, but to every possible word that causes people to feel uncomfortable. You can't say _"Don't call me gay, but it's okay for me to call you autistic."_ if you take offence to something and take a stand against people using that word, by your own logic you must abide by everyone else's insecurities as well, whatever they may be. Suddenly, not using _"gay"_ turns into not being able to use _"fuck"_, _"shit"_, _"crap"_, _"egg"_ or _"Holy fish-sticks Batman"_. And the opposite is true of course when you argue for lesser restrictions, your freedom of speech means that you forfeit your own right _(and everyone else's)_ to feel safe and secure in the online sphere. You have to endure whatever is thrown your way, that is the cost. Now we all have our own preferences, some don't mind having every insult in the book thrown at them, and will brush it away like water off a duck's back. Meanwhile others are quite happy for not a single word to ever be said in the whole game and for everyone to sit there and play in absolute silence. And Most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle. ____________ #Our Choice Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution. People are different, they always have been, and unless Sci-fi horrors become reality, they always will be. The tough truth is that some people will go unhappy. The only thing we can do is reduce that number as much as possible. At some point we have to draw a line, the line can be at either end of the spectrum, or somewhere in the middle, but a line has to be drawn. And in the end, we have to decide where we draw the line. Because it is us that draws it, not Riot. We have to look at what really matters to us. Is it really worth sacrificing that top lane sass with Susan, just so someone can't use 'gay' in slightly the wrong context? Will you really cry yourself to sleep if someone makes a black joke? If not, then perhaps you should re-cosider your stand on how badly you want to see those people banned. Likewise, do you really care if you cant say N%%% or KYS if it means you can still keep the sassy /All chat war with Yasuo going? ________ Personally, I think that things have gone way too far when real world words, whose true meaning has nothing to do with insults have become taboo: Does it really cause you so much pain to hear the word cancer? if not, then perhaps you shouldn't have reported those guys for saying it, because now no one can say it, even you, in any context. Fight the big things, fight true homophobia and racism, don't waste time and effort getting the guy banned who said _"Oh thats gay."_ when he died. Thats my view on it anyway. ______ #Conclusion The point of this post is to illustrate that the argument is deeper than: _"That hurts my feelings, ban him."_. and _"Why did I get banned for that?"_ and that we have to think hard before we decide where we personally want to draw out lines before adding our voice into the mix. it is a human right to have freedom of speech, and it is a human right to feel safe. Unfortunately those two are contradictory, thats the way it is. _(the fact that human rights are just imposed social constructs and not actually a given 'entitlement', is a whole other discussion entirely, but that is irrelevant for this particular conversation.)_ Im not telling anyone what their stand should or shouldn't be, I just want to create discussion and understanding about the underlying issues behind why this is the way it is, and where we can go from here. Im saying, you can't believe in freedom of speech and then demand someone gets banned for saying something that offended you. and that is something we all need to look at ourselves and think about, what are the values that we believe the internet is about? Should the internet be a sphere of freedom? Yes, No? Perhaps it shouldn't be? I dont know. I think we all need to ask ourselves these questions. Does being gay, or black, or whatever, mean so much to you that you're willing to give up your own freedom within the internet just so someone can't use the word in the wrong context? We draw the line, and now we have to look at ourselves and decide **where** and just as importantly, **why**. ____________ Sorry for the super serious post guys, but with all thats happening behaviour wise, I thought might be the time to talk about this.
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