No amount of chat restrictions or bans will make me be less 'abusive'

If people are going to annoy me in their subtle and little ways then I'll be vocal about it, and it isn't my fault that these kids are softer than clouds and cry the moment someone offends them, whether it be by taking a kill or just doing badly. The issue is people aren't reporting other players because they want the community to be friendly, they report out of spite and petty revenge. You can pretty much troll people and there be no consequence as long as you remain friendly, a mask if you may. The moment someone swears at you, you can report them for being 'toxic' and they'll be punished, no matter who started it, no matter what the context may be. The base amount of negativity stems from small groups, duos, trios and the likes, they target and annoy the lone player until they snap, starting in Champion Select and it will continue in discreet ways during the period of game-play. I have had my fair share of four man pre-mades who have been so discreet in their tormenting that ignoring them was pointless, try getting spammed constantly by four players who were spam pinging, that's a game feature, despite it being annoying I couldn't report them for it. Same with players who troll with Anivia's Wall or Trundle's Pillar. I would rather deal with an abusive player than a troll. I play to win, it's the goal of the game, not to have fun, if I wanted to have fun I'd go play another less competitive game and call it that, but I don't play this game to waste forty minutes because some little child is an idiot and refuses to listen. Over the years I have grown less and less accustomed to dealing with other humans, the idiocy and hypocrisy of the people who play this game make me want to turn around and shoot someone in the head, I'd say something about killing myself, but I adore my own life to much to throw it away in the aspect because another filthy human is testing my patience. Maybe I should just ignore other players, but when these spoiled little kids think they can waste my time with their petty mindgames, they do not deserve my kindness, not that I have much left unless I see a cat, and that's sad, it's sad I would cherish an animal over another human being. The entitlement that players of this game spew is enough to make me sick and yet, Riot caters to them. Do you tuck these kids in at night and kiss their foreheads to, Riot? Because at this rate, with you babying these thirteen year old, prepubescent children, I have no doubt. Back in my day of League, before Lyte ruined the game with his idiotic need to treat everyone like glass, people weren't as abusive as they are now, sure their were some bad eggs out there, but not this bad. You coined the term 'toxic' and made it popular, you're calling people waste pretty much, but the real waste is the same people you babied and give some kind of immunity to, as long as you shut up and don't be negative you're be safe, but feel free to troll the Hell outta everyone else, because you can do that, as long as you don't swear. You threatened to take away ranked rewards from abusive players, but did you even think about why those people are negative? I can almost guarantee this thread will be treated like a plague by Rioters or deleted the moment it's seen, I know how you work, I have been around since the closed beta. That is why I can safely say I won't change with how I act, that is how I know that in this large community, those that swear most likely feel the same exact way. There's so much things wrong with how you handle abusive players that I cannot even pinpoint where to start to fix it. Think back to 2009/10, when the game was new and the community was fresh, back before you began your decline into whatever your company stands for now. In Riot's current state, it's worse than Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber combined.
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