Riot's Moderating practice, and Tips.

"If someone makes you uncomfortable report them" So i can report someone for saying they are a girl? I'm uncomfortable around girl's so that seems ok to me. Riot, you need to make your moderating Clear, or give us Tribunal and let us decide, because tips like these, don't make it clear what is ok and what isn't, and we all know you will get the wrong idea out of reports. Hell I'm uncomfortable around people in general, so i should report all 9 players out of every game ever, because they all make me uncomfortable by existing, that is what i got told. See the thing with Moderation is that Rules have to be clear, there has to be no grey areas (or as little as is possible) and the rules have to be visible to players so that they know instantly if something is or isn't OK. And not only that, but you have to ACTIVELY MODERATE, not just sit around passively. Like these boards are a glaring example of poor moderation, the moderation is used when someone want's not when it should be, and therefore is used for the wrong purpose (stifling discussion) more then the right purpose (getting rid of offensive content) For example, in the moderating job i did, i didn't sit around and wait for a report, i actively gave people warnings regardless of reports for doing things they weren't supposed to because if you only do it when someone is reported, low and behold, most people didn't know they were doing the wrong thing in the first place. The real life examples people keep trying to bring up are always poor, like trying to argue that this is the same as constantly driving 130 in 100 zones etc. but this isn't what this is, this is people going 100 according to their Speedometer, but going 102 according to the speed camera, and being booked, having most of their demerit points taken, and being one mistake away from having a suspended license. Or the better example i prefer. A child stealing something from a store because they didn't know any better, and being thrown in jail for a month for something they didn't realise was wrong. These people being banned aren't doing "the wrong thing" in their minds, a lot of us are actting the same way we have for years, and Riot hasn't done shit about it. To now be told you have a 14 day ban and your next is having your account gone, do you really think that encourages reform? No it encourages people to be toxic and avoid the ban words, and those people are in so many games. Hell most people with these 14 day bans, are either quoting people (yes someone else said it and got away with it) or are having a word slip, not knowing that it's as bad as riot sees it, because why the fuck would they? I see abuse in so many games, it's rare to see a positive game. And by Riot Lyte's own words, there are very few positive players. Meaning you all are the %%%%s that should be banned, your just waiting your turn for the shit ban that is coming your way.
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