Renaming Talon's E Ability - "Cutthroat"

So it occurs to me that there still has been no change to the name of Talon's E ability, currently called Cutthroat. Since it clearly doesn't fit anymore after removing the silence and making it a brief slow, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. This kinda seemed like an obvious choice to me and yet I never put it out there, I guess I assumed someone else had already thought of it. * Why not change the name to of his E to Achilles? As in achilles tendon. I think it suits him pretty well, jumps in behind the target, quickly slices at the ankle and proceeds to follow up with more cuts while the victim reels from the sudden loss of balance (admittedly quickly recovered from in this case but nevertheless). What do you guys think? If you like it let me know, answer the poll and/or upvote, just keen to see what other people think. I still really like Talon, think he could use a little tweaking to make him a little more viable in more situations but overall I'm not to salty about the lack of silence. That said I think he could use a better passive and a better effect on his E but either way he's still really cool. P.S If you are a Rioter and like my idea, pass it on to the appropriate people please :D And if you do change the name of his ability feel free to reward me with something, like the Talon SSW skin for example. Or a job. I'm not too, fussed either way. Either way is fine ;) Cheers, DOSman.
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