Boards Updates Have Landed!

Hey Boards folks! Over the past few months, you may have noticed the Boards changes we've been testing and tweaking in certain sub-boards across the North American, European, and Oceanic League of Legends Boards. Today, we're rolling out our version 4.1.0 batch of updates, which hits a lot of performance pain points and should result in a noticeable improvement in page rendering times. As this is a full re-write of the previous updates and potentially the first time that some of you are seeing these updates, I'll take some time to go over the most noticeable changes we've made thus far: _______________________ > #Space Optimization & Clutter Cleanup * **Smaller Stickers** - Sticker sizes on the Boards have visually been reduced by roughly 30%. * **More Text Space!** - We've increased the amount of text space used within comments and posts, which means more horizontal space utilization, and less scrolling. * **No more tiny nested comments** - We've taken a look at the comments area and clipped a lot of the unnecessary padding on the right side, giving comments more space and making it easier to read long comment chains. > #Functionality * **"In Response To"** - When reading in Chronological View, you'll be able to easily see which comments are referencing another comment, who they're replying to, and what those comments are. * **No Front-page Voting** - Boards users will no longer be able to vote from the Boards front-page or a sub-board's front-page. In order to vote, users will instead have to enter the thread to vote. * **Selecting Stickers on Mobile** - You should now be able to easily post champions, items, and stickers right from your mobile device! > #Clarity * Moderators, Rioters, and other Boards user groups should now be more recognizable with some additional visual cues. * Threads which are voting locked will be easily identifiable with a blue lock, and threads which are comment posting locked (and possibly voting locked) will be easily identifiable with a brown lock. * **Voting Indicators** - A green or red line will appear next to threads that you either upvoted or downvoted, respectively. > #Design * Vote colors will scale between red and green depending on the total vote count. * We opted for a dark-blue theme that was both easy on the eyes, and separated itself from the base green-purple design of the original Boards. We'll take a look at theme selection in the future and will hopefully have something to show soon. ________________ > #Images |Images|More Images| |- ||| ||| _________________ We appreciate your patience throughout this process, and we hope you're happy with the changes so far. If you have any feedback on these changes or you have some ideas for changes of your own, let us know your thoughts!

We're testing a new feature that gives the option to view discussion comments in chronological order. Some testers have pointed out situations in which they feel a linear view could be helpful, so we'd like see how you guys make use of it.

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