Usually I get gold on two accounts but not close this time. Rigging, bad me or bad ranking system?

I don't know how to link this picture but I took a screenshot on a of the match I just played and don't understand how it came to be. We joined as a group of 4 silvers and are all with win / loss ratios of not far off 50% as you do.. Their mid has 68 wins / 37 losses (silver 1). Their Jg has 70 wins 42 losses (gold 3). Their top is gold 4 and other two are silver like us with our kinda stats. Firstly, how are you still silver 1 with double the wins than losses. I played against this and despite not playing shit for a change I was so outclassed 1v1. The synergy with jungle was good but I wasn't getting caught by it. Just way better 1v1 than me. I'd say maybe he was just on form but with that win / loss? Secondly, is the ability to join as a 4 making it too easy for teams to rig it with smurfs? Elo was designed as a solo player ranking system (chess originally). Something is different this time, I understand the level of skill with players is increasing but it doesn't seem enough to bridge the gap in this. Maybe I'm just a bronzie and that's where I'm heading. Has anyone else struggled in ranked this season more than others?
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