So, I have an obsession for Latifa from Amagi Brilliant Park.....

Yes I know it's creepy for someone to get an obsession over non-existing 2D grills and all, but I do have a trouble getting pass her characterisation. She is basically a Mary Sue, with all things considered. And I hate "perfect" characters, but I don't know why, Latifa is my only exception of this principle. Appearance wise, she is petite, has long and curling hair, blonde and has blue eyes. While I generally do not care anything about someone's hair colours but I have a thing or 2 with the rest of her physical descriptions, especially her blue eyes. Because I have always love blue since when I was young, as it's the same colour as the sky and the sea (not technically but you get the idea). Personality wise, she is caring, passionate, optimistic, thoughtful, trusting, soft and tender. While yes this IS INDEED the very definition of a Mary Sue since she really doesn't have any downside at all unlike the rest of the cast in Amagi (every single one of them has their side of being just a little too extreme on something, mostly). If anything her only down points are her tendency to, not lie, but avoid telling others about her inconvenient informations (about her health) in order to avoid "unnecessary worrying and stress". And her tendency to hide all emotions behind her smiles no matter how damaged her physical/mental state is currently. But honestly that's not really downsides. I am not sure what the hell I am trying to project on top of this particular fictional Mary Sue, but this is going out of hand, to the point I can feel a slight feeling of betrayal from her near the end of the series for whatever reason, even though she did exactly nothing wrong. I generally get pass character whoring that comes after watching a series in a matter of hours but this one I have struggled for some time already. I am way too frigging attached to this character, from a comedy series, and I am not even sure why I am obsessed. Is it because my anime lifestyle is finally coming back to bite me in the arse, or is it that I have finally reached my age of male hormone rampage? Either way it's annoying, way too annoying. Help.
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