Hello! I am Matthew 'Fish' Stewart, Shoutcaster for the OPL - Ask Me Anything!

Hey Guys! My name is Matthew Stewart but some of you would better know me as Fish from the Oceanic Pro League. I am a Play by Play Shoutcaster for the OPL here at Riot OCE and I also run the [Facebook](http://facebook.com/oceanicproleague) &amp; [Twitter](http://twitter.com/opl) channels for the OPL! (Who let the dyslexic guy run Social Media. >.<) **What I did/do!** I initially moved to Riot OCE to shoutcast the LPL before moving to the OPL team. Before that, I spent time as an Actor for a popular YouTube channel in Singapore, Worked as a producer for the FIFA Online 3 Esports leagues in South-East Asia as well as did a lot of commentary for the Garena Premier League. Oh and I kinda studied to try and be an architect before all this. &gt;.&lt; **Video Games!** I&#039;ve played video games pretty much my entire life, there are pictures of me as a kid sitting on my uncle lap with a gameboy and even a hilarious tale of my parents leaving me at a kids club while on holidays to come back to a crowd watching me beat Disney Hercules on the PlayStation. My favourite game of all time is the Halo Series, it was my bread and butter growing up with friends in Singapore. I dabbled in Runescape, Pokemon, Neopets, Warcraft 3 and a lot of console games when I was younger. I was introduced to League of Legends through a bunch of friends I met playing Street Fighter and have been playing since Renektons release! I use to play semi-professionally in Singapore and Indonesia (There are still VODs and LoL Wiki articles out there somewhere &gt;.&lt;) **Speaking of the league of legends** I&#039;ve hopped roles since I started: 1st Season Mid 2nd Season Jungle 3rd Season Support 4th Season ADC 5th Season Top... But you&#039;ll usually see me Q up for ADC or Top lane at the moment. My favourite champions are Annie, Miss Fortune and Kindred! And I even have a Kindred Tattoo! But that&#039;s enough from me, what would you like to know? Ask me anything!
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