Uhhh.. One question: The f*ck you doing?

Super minions focus
This is "Super minions focus" by Lord Sesshomaru on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
When having super minions completely nullifies the advantage of having super minions.... _"Lets distract the enemy team with our frail bodies, so that winions can do their thing..."_ Lovely when your strategy doesn't work out because the game literally has no idea what it's doing. We won, but no thanks to that particular trade. Like, what actually is happening here? The super minions can't seem to aggro the same target for more than a split second, and keep switching back and forth between targets for no reason _(none that are apparent to me at least)_. And god forbid they should actually attack the tower... _(literally the one job they have in all of existence)_... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} If this is _"working as intended"_ I can't wait to see something like this cause a loss at worlds one day! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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