This kind of thing makes me mad.

Riot loses lawsuit over League of Legends 'Striker Lucian' skin
The League of Legends champion Lucian, as described in his official profile, "wields relic weapons imbued with ancient power and stands a stalwart guardian against the undead. His cold conviction never wavers, even in the face of the maddening horrors he destroys beneath his hail of purifying fire.
To be clear here; I'm not talking about _legally_ being in the right or wrong. Im sure Riot has perhaps overstepped the bounds a little here. But It's the premise of suing. People like this really annoy me. You're a pro sports-star, you have all the money and fame you could ever want. Someone does you the compliment of loosely basing their popular character after you, _(nothing about the character isn't even remotely offensive or contrary to your personal views)_, and the likeness to the character alone has probably boosted your popularity in a demographic that otherwise probably wouldn't have been interested in you. _"Nah fuck you, gimme all da money now!"_ Really? Sure I can understand that someone else has used your image _(or rather, your glasses and hair?)_ to make money, but the mere fact that they **can**, shows what an Icon they think you are. Perhaps it's because I'm not famous and don't already have millions and millions of dollars at my disposal, but if someone thought highly enough of me to put me in a game, id be ecstatic. Id probably pay _them_. _________ Now I'm no lawyer, and I'm not sure what all the laws around intellectual property are. But personally, I think when something becomes an Icon in the public sphere, there should be a little leeway in where it can and can't be used. Things like Darth Vader, Superman, Elvis Presley, etc. are known by almost everyone on the planet, they are no longer objects to be sold, they are part of culture as humanity. So you shouldn't have to post 50c to Disney every time you put Vader's face on a shirt. Imagine if Clint Eastwood sicked his lawyers on any company that had a cowboy with a cigar and a poncho. There would be no characters left! Least of all Graves and McCree. The man has become an Icon, that literally shaped the way the world views the wild west. How can you own that? But just as importantly, even if you do own something, and youre not going to be making any money off it anyway, _(Edgar Davids was not about to start up a moba about his face and glasses)_ why should you try and stop someone else from making something cool and tipping their hat to you in the process. Idk, im no laywer, but it just seems stuck up to me. He's sitting at home rolling in his millions, sees Lucian and is like _"Right! that mildy resembles me! lets get some extra spending money!"_ as he rubs his hands together in glee.
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