Need help, TOXIC

My first acc was Gold 3 got banned last 5 months ago ( Got banned for "Exploits" or some bull idec ) Anyways in that acc i had been chat restricted 3 times Don't know how many games too lazy to remember, This acc i just got a 2 week suspension cause i called out a gnar on the mistakes that he made and some shit were taking out of context if you wanna see chat like comment and subscribe....jk just ask, anyways i wanna know some ways of reforming. No i'm not gonna mute my chat cause what is a team game without communication...dumbass riot... and sure muting all chat but lets be honest, I'm gold elo the people who tilt you most is yourself, and the people who tilt you second most is your fucking team muting all chat is not a fucking solution K? So anyone got some tips that would be great, if you are one of those " OH SO GLAD I SEE RIOT IS BANNING TOXIC PLAYERS LIKE YOU HAHA" Yea you, take your whiny ass out to the oven and stay there, cause you my friend are a silly fucking sausage and you deserve to get burn. I'm sure like 20% of you guys reading this actually have shit in mind for solutions, the rest of that 80% gtfo i don't need your shitty comment about how i deserve it, you are the reason Tilt exist you silly sausage PCE

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