Riots lack of commitment to the players - Rant.

Nearly 2 months ago now I posted asking what RIOT plans to do in regards to 64bit and DX11-12 as every other moba out there uses modern technology (and on a different note grants much better leveling rewards) than League. They have not responded, so now it's time to let them know how I feel. DX 9 was discontinued before League was released. Actionscript, which they use to write important parts of their code dies in the next 12 months along with flash. Riot refuse to step up and provide a platform that facilitates the modern gamer. This is why we see so many bugs coming in every time they do anything and poor client functionality. They're trying to add modern functionality to an outdated coding practice that doesn't support what they're trying to do. It's all "workarounds" People may argue that removing 32 bit accessibility will affect the gamers on older systems to which I'd draw note to something in rebuttal. It could be easily assumed that most people who play league also use Steam, and according to Steams release of user platforms, less than 2% of users have 32bit systems. This argument shows more a laziness and disregard for the majority of users. Another argument might be that "My older video card won't support DX11" This is nonsense. Cards going back to the Geforce 400 series support DX11, All except the very lowest tier of cards they claim are needed to run League support DX11. I'm beginning to believe they fired their programming staff after the game was made save 1 or 2, and those one or 2 don't have any idea how to code anything past 2005 and are reluctant to step into the future. I haven't spent any money on this game in 2 years, and I invite everyone else to do the same until they get their act together and show their customers some respect. If they want to keep spending money on rewriting lore and making (misleading) videos to sell their product, so be it. If I had only seen their newer videos and thought I'd try the game, I'd be so incredibly PO'd with the game itself it wouldn't get a second look. Rant over.
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