Very disappointed by Riot taking away the ability to grind for champions

So I haven't spent much on LoL, according to their status website, 190 USD and 15 AUD since I opened my account. But, I do feel that the change in the old system is geared to force players to spend more cash. Previously, I was playing enough to get 3-5 of the Hextech Champ things a week. So I was just rerolling all the champs and getting an avg of 1-2 champs a week, I'm about 20 champs from finishing the current champ pool. However, under the new system, I can no longer purchase Hextech champ crates, nor reroll shards. I have to 'save up' BE to buy the champ or get lucky enough to get the shard and get it a slight bit cheaper that way. However, with champs being worth a whopping 90-300 shards, that's going to take forever. Since the changeover, I have been able to afford **-1-** new champion. Riot is really not thinking of newer players getting into the game unless they're willing to fork over cash and buy champions, cos they're sure not going to get them through BE. I'm bitterly disappointed, as a completionist I was REALLY looking forward to finishing the set of champ's in the coming weeks. Now that will be sometime in the next 12 months unless I buy RP and just pay for the champs, which I refuse to do. The point of MOBA clones is to pay to make them pretty, not to pay to play them. I started playing in June of 2010 and in all that time, this is the first move Riot have made that has **=truly=** saddened me. Poor form Riot, Poor form. [EDIT] Forgot to mention that I'm only really proficient as a support and I've learnt a few Top/Mid/Jng's so I have max'd out my crate wins until they unlock.
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