Beta Cup winner only got 400VP so that can't earn the exclusive beta-only banner (500VP)

My team is one of the winners in Beta Cup, but we only got 400VP so that we can’t earn the exclusive beta-only banner (500VP), that was really really awkward!!! I think the winner should got at least 500VP because the banner is exclusive. My team didn’t participate in last cup because we got the squad together in Day 2, that’s after the bug appeared. The cup was closed, so we got 0VP. Could Riot reconsider about the award? Because it’s exclusive, so I think each champion teams are qualified to get one (even they got 0VP last cup). Thank Riot for giving us a summoner icon and a Clash Orb, but the banner is so cool that all my team mates really want it. The clash game was really interesting, we enjoyed it!!!
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