Stop The Trolls

So I was in my promotional series the other day, I had to have one more win to move up. I clicked accept and went into the lobby and in text came in saying "we are tolls, so we are going to loose this game" I didn't believe it at first and said, "Lets win, this is my last promo game" where the guy replied "I'm guessing you wish you weren't paired up with us". I was doing well to start off with, but what else could you do with a {{champion:74}} supp with {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:4}} who steals cs and can't do anything to secure kills. I was ksed and negativly abused (my friend got more as he got no ganks on top). All in all, lost the game, lost another because of another troll (not the same person) and now back to 35LP. So my question to Riot. How will you bring trolls to a halt? The leaver buster wouldn't work on them, and if trolls are not being negative in chat it is harder for them to be detected by the newly improved protocols that detect what people say in the chats. Trolls also play in ways that would not suggest them as intentional feeders. I know there is the new report system you guys are working on, and I have been using them whenever I can. (BTW thank you for including Griefing in the report section) but will that work? Will we always have trolls and there is no way to stop them? Kind Regards, Signed, a very annoyed player that cannot escape the clutches of Bronze because of Trolls/AFKers/IntentFeeders and cannot make a new profile to level up to get a better ELO because all my champs and skins are on this account.
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