Australia Day ideas!

Hey everyone! I'm throwing cultural events at our Riot North America office for each of the countries that we have offices in and guess what? It looks like Australia Day is next on the calendar b/c of our Sydney office! I'm looking for fun ideas so that our NA Rioters can get a genuine and good feel for the culture and fun of Australia! Here are some ideas/plans of what I have so far: 1. Assorted meat pies for lunch 2. Tim Tam Slam Contest - Who can drink a cup of milk the fastest with their Tim Tam 3. Tim Tam Wave - We'll be recording about a hundred Rioters dunking their Tim Tams in milk and drinking it in a wave/domino effect 4. Milo tasting station 5. Vegemite tasting station 6. Info boards with different Australian lingo (i.e. maccas, brekkie, sheila, bloke, jandals, dunny, "sweet as")... got any more ideas? 7. Info boards about the beautiful landmarks (i.e. Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge, any more?) 8. Info board about the different type of accents spoken in different parts of the country 9. Me wearing a scary bear outfit and pretending to be a drop bear (rawr!) There's a lot of ideas there... but I want more! If you could think of a cool activity or anything that you think would be a positive learning experience for our NA Rioters, please do share! I appreciate it!
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