(OCE) Permenent Ban Appeal : AllThatJazz

Hi Everyone, I was banned from league of legends (OCE server) late 2018 because of abusive chat, Since then i gave league up all together i didn't create/ play on a second account and i straight up deleted league form my pc, Over the past few months i have been playing other games such as CS:GO, Overwatch and Subnautica which have really helped me overcome my toxic attitude towards teammates and opponents. I can now see how my actions/ words could have offended someone and made the playing experience of league of legends an awful time. :( I would really appreciate it if you take my ban appeal into consideration, i don't mind if you do reject it since i was a toxic player but i would appreciate it if you considered it since i would like to get my league account back so i can go back to the game i used to love to play but this time without the toxic, negative attitude towards teammates and opponents. The reason i got banned where because of these chat logs, I thought i might keep them encase i wanted to appeal like this, Please keep in mind this was last year and i think i have reformed. Game 1 In-Game AllThatJazz: starting raptors AllThatJazz: STOP AllThatJazz: OMFG AllThatJazz: wow AllThatJazz: now my ghost poro was wasted AllThatJazz: THANKS AllThatJazz: NO TRIST AllThatJazz: IM STAING RAPTORS AllThatJazz: gj AllThatJazz: hmm AllThatJazz: i think i stuffed that up AllThatJazz: die AllThatJazz: wot? AllThatJazz: wtf AllThatJazz: how is that balanced AllThatJazz: WTF AllThatJazz: HOW AllThatJazz: gg AllThatJazz: gg AllThatJazz: thats so dumb AllThatJazz: that fuckin interaction AllThatJazz: WAIT RENEK, HOW DID U LOOSE LANE AllThatJazz: kys AllThatJazz: ?????? AllThatJazz: ITS OVER JUST FF AllThatJazz: U IDIOTS AllThatJazz: balanced? AllThatJazz: better champ select wins AllThatJazz: better champ select wins AllThatJazz: no AllThatJazz: FF AllThatJazz: report team not ffing AllThatJazz: stfu tsm fukin coon :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( Thanks, Hope you consider ban appeal, AllThatJazz
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