Can we just reflect for a moment on how bias the rune system is.

So not only does domination gain 2 whole new runes, including a new keystone, and loses nothing. But sorcery gains a new average rune and loses its **best** one, and its total number of runes stays the same. Lets not forget that many mages can ONLY have their keystone rune from sorcery, (and one rune from domination: Electrocute). While most other champs (namely fighters, assassins and marksmen) can work well with many keystone runes from multiple pages. Take Jhin for example, pretty much every non-resolve rune is at least _viable_ on him. The same with most fighters. Many top laners take Aery for the harass, and forget completely about the trees that were designed around top laners. Yet mages may as well not take any runes at all if they cant have either sorcery runes or electrocute. Hardly a balanced equation. Why can runes like Aery and arcane comet have _adaptive damage_ and be activated by _auto attacks_, but runes like press the attack or fleet footwork cant be activated by abilities, and have no AP friendly component. If you look at runes in general, they **HEAVILY** favour auto attacking champs, over ability based ones. Shouldn't we be adding new runes for them? Not giving the ones they already had to the assassins and marksmen? _____________ Lets break the keystones _(the main reason we choose a tree)_ down into 3 categories: #**Purely auto attack reliant:** Press the attack Lethal Tempo Fleet footwork Conqueror Dark Harvest Hail of Blades Grasp of the Undying Glacial Augment #**Purely ability reliant:** Aftershock Guardian #**Either:** Electrocute Predator Summon Aery Arcane Comet Phase Rush Kleptomancy Unsealed spell book. _____________ Look a little bias to you? Note too how the purely ability reliant ones, aren't even for champs who use their abilities for damage, theyre both from the tanky/support tree. Like really.... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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