So carried myself over the 50% winrate hump on my way to b2 just sliding into those promos and then.

Two teams in a row where the games are 100% winnable but we just up and surrender with a 4 to 1 vote (me being the 1), like what the fuck is wrong with bronze players. first they play like crap, then i get out of the elo where they permanently play like crap (they are still crap in this mmr but atleast i dont have a permanent headache) and now they are a bunch of defeatist losers who give up too easily? What the fuck happened to the "the games not over till the nexus is down" mentality. Like i cant count the number of times ive turned a no nexus tower game through sheer determination. It honestly feels like these %%%%s dont care about their rank at all, which makes me question, why play ranked in the first place if you arent gonna take it seriously.
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