Coaching Sessions.

G'day ladies and gents of OCE, If you're reading this you probably feel the same as me and have a lot of passion for league of legends. I love every aspect of it from gameplay to tactics, Esports to amateur games. and the ability to be forever improving. this season I have managed to get myself into diamond, which on OCE I know means very little etc etc, but now that I believe I have a stronger understanding of the game I want to try to boost the community in OCE. bring us all a little bit closer, make a difference where I can. because if there is one thing were all guilty of at times, it's making the community slightly less friendly then we would like. So anyway here is my point, I am willing to offer assistance to anyone who is struggling with the understanding of the game. through free coaching session for anyone below gold. who just needs someone to reassure them they are doing things right. or to maybe guide them in the right direction when they are stuck. I am more then willing to help those in gold and above also, but odds are if you're there already there isn't too much I can help you with it just comes down to practise! If you would like to have me spectate one of your games and give you feed back and assistance add me in game and we can organise a time! Lets make OCE slightly better. Regards, {{champion:254}}
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