I have always wondered...

Ever since it was implemented I've always wondered and never been able to figure it out: Why does fizz's E have an indicator of its hitbox, **after** he lands? like... is it saying: _"Congrats? you've been hit by this?"_ or _"Too bad you weren't outside this.. I guess?"_ or _"Yeeeeaa... its bigger than you thought aye.."_ Fully serious question: Why does it have a hitbox only after he lands? What actual use is that for anyone? I genuinely don't know what its trying to tell me. Everyone else makes sense Aatrox's Q indicator says: _"He is about to jump, everything in this area is about to be in danger, and this is where he will be." _Karma's Q indicator says: _"Caution, the ability isn't over yet, somethings about to happen." _Hecarim's W indicator says: _"His ability only extends this far, and is active right now, don't go in there." _Karthus's Q indicator says "GTFO THERES GOING TO BE AN EXPLOSION!" Every indictor in the game, is useful and tells you some key bit of information about something that either is happening, or is about to happen. So what is the point of one that tells you what **has** happened? Because usually when something **has** happened, you have since become aware of it, and more importantly; can do nothing about it. I can tell when Fizz has landed, usually because my screen goes grey... but failing that, because _(well.. he **lands**)_ and theres a huge bang and explosion particles flare out all around him. ______ Now I can see it being useful if there was a ring around him as he jumps. Then the message would be: _"Careful, if you're this close to him, you'll be in trouble soon."_ or if it showed an area on the ground just before he lands, then the message would be: _"Fizz will be there soon, and will hurt you if you stay in there"_ Both those messages give you useful information about the immediate future, that you can use to influence your next action. But telling me _"By the way... Fizz just landed landed on you, (incase you hadn't already noticed)."_ Isn't useful information, and just clutters my screen with indicators that mean nothing to me. If everyone had indicators showing what they have already done. Teamfights would be nearly impossible to understand, no one would know what was going on, there would be too many messages cluttering the rift, all telling you too little information. _______ **So I ask my question once more:** Why does Fizz have an indicator **after** he lands? _(not a rhetorical question, if someone could tell me the actual reason, id be grateful.)_ Discussion... GO! :P
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