Cyber bullying

This has gone too far... im literally on the verge of crying because of a video game that i am suppose to enjoy. I have got people literally bully me in game and not just calling me names but all out just insulting every little thing of me and even if i mute them i can still see the words that has already been said. this isnt fun, for anyone. im pretty sure everyone has been bullied but this...this is different. Posting videos on youtube literally shaming u infront of the world is such out right dumb. deosnt mean u never got bullied b4 means u have the right to do it to others. im not even going to try to make up some fancy bullshit. this has to fucking stop. why am i being harres fro playing a video game where i can and am suppose to enjoy. idk if this happens al over the regions or just oce but im sick of this. im even thinking of paying that $15 just so i can move to NA or just quiting
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