Calling all Anime fans (I kinda need your help!)

The Alchemy of Acting Animation (Survey 1)
19/04/2016 Hi all, my name is David and I am a graphic design postgraduate student at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).
Sorry for the longish read (if you can get to the end, i would be grateful) Hi all, I am working in the Auckland University of Technology on a theory about how to more effectively turn Anime into live-action film (as you probably know, most attempts at this so far have been complete failures) I am comparing Anime's live-action success with American comic books (which are obviously extremely successful) in the hope of finding out exactly what the differences are and why Anime isn't working in live-action. If i am successful in constructing a sound theory about how to make it more successful (and testing/proving it) I am hopeful that it could influence for the better, future Anime live-action films. I have already compiled a lot of research on the topic and written papers, but i now need good people like yourself to help me further the research, I have made a survey that will give me a lot of the answers I need to start creating some live-action anime characters (I will be spending the rest of the year creating costumes and running large photoshoots to test the theory based on the answers you can give me) The survey designed is very friendly and fun (not all scary and test-like) and it would be a great help if you could fill it out for me (and/or maybe get a friend who likes anime to do so as well) it is only 20 questions long and most are multiple choice. If all goes as planned and i am able to create some successful live-action characters, i will be showing them here so you can see what you helped create. and i will probably ask anyone who is interested to offer more feedback on my designs during the process, to nudge me in the right directions. You may be wondering why i posted this on a 'League of Legends' website, the reason is because the LoL community is tight-knit and are used to discussing their ideas and opinions, plus Anime goes hand in hand with gaming and the two communities are often the same. (Gurren lagan Kindred/Rumble/Fizz and Shyv help prove this point xD) And this research while targeted at Anime, will almost certainly be able to be applied to Lol as well in order to help any future live-action films that may or may not take place. Thanks :) and feel free to a sky any questions or offer any ideas you have, below :) **TL;DR:** _I made a survey about improving Anime live-action films, please fill it out if you can. (its pretty) _ -Obito Uchiha-

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