Kind Of Pissed Off Now

So me being a bronze ranked player i play alot of ranked and i queued up with some mates last game i got my pref role for once i locked in everything was fine then loading took for ever i finally load in and click to where my krugs are since i was jax jungle and i see that its not pathing me towards my jungle but its auto running me right to the other teams spawn now i thought wtf maybe i miss clicked so i clicked my krugs again and it just took me more into mid lane so i recalled waited a few seconds clicked again back to mid lane recalled told team not to worry i would be back soon just going to restart cos i think my game is bugging out so i quit try to reconnect i was gone for 2 minutes and it brings up the " you have been disconnected due to prolonged afk" now iw as gone for 2 minutes i thought that timer kicked in after 5 but anyways so i exit try to reconnect again and same thing i got yelled at by my team in after game as i never got to leave base after my first restart now im placed in LPQ again ater i have been trying to stay away from them and i know that you guys wont remove them but can i at least have a answer to wtf is going on i thought afk system was 5 minutes not 2 this auto pathing mid thing is fucking my ranked stats up and now my friends think im a troll Rioter Assistance would be nice Super Pissed.
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